Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

24 Feb 2009

This is the other card

Please could someone tell me how to add tow images at a time he he, Idont have a clue!!!!! any help would be grateful instead of keephaving to do seperate post, sorry its frustrating to e he he thanks for looking xxxxxxxxxxxx Off to iron now!!! ugh

Couple of cards

Just a couple of the cards I did at the weekend but im losing the plot I think, sat last night colouring in, what I think is a sugar nellie image someone sent me, and I think a hanglar of Tilda, im not sure but will have a go alter, dont they take an age to colour in. Especially in the dark lol, but it took me ages so I hope when I do them they are ok, there are so many wonderful talented crafters doing the tilda stuff at the minute. Anyhow heres just a couple of quiclies from saturday, thank you for taking the time to look xx

This is Benji

OOh I lost the photo of benj somewhere in cyberspace, told you I was uselss at this blogging thingy!!!!!

my Benji and Gizmo

16 Feb 2009

I do do flowers sometimes hehe

Did some decoupage but not realy my kind of card although I have the full sized decoupaged pictures all over the world, used to make and sell them, eons ago he he. but im not keen on these!!!

another dickie bird he he

Well i'm sory if people are sick of the little things with flappy wings but I just adore them.....cant you tell he he. to be honest I wont be posting much as I dont know what to do really except put a picture on, cant fathom out all the side stuff etc im not that good

im thinking of trying to alter something next, dont know if I should do it vintagy or subtle for mam for mothers day, she will be able to keep jewwellery in it so watch this space lol thankyou nite nite xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12 Feb 2009

And..............another lol

I know..............but you must admit they are cute, we had so much snow today didnt feel like doing anything except craft. So did four cards, but im back at work next week after being off six weeks due to torn chest wall muscles and two broken ribs,due to coughing!! would you beleive, still very sore but must go back to work before I vegetate.


I have a fascibation with these little pc crafter birdie images, now they are pink....they were blue.......tomorrow they could be purple lol xx

11 Feb 2009

a fairy he he

I will never get the hang of this with no help lol, ah well just have to sit and try and work it out!!!!

EEh saw me sis blog and just have to have a go, although my work isnt as good as hers I do try honest!!!!!!, ah well hers another of me little creations I did the other day, I wish I was back at work as im going round the bend stuck in the house lol.xx

Fairy box