Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

31 Aug 2009

Heartfelt thanks and Delight

He he good afternoon, bet you can guess whos image it is lol, the first is Prarie girl, and the second is another mo's digital pencil but im not sure if its a little drab!! anyway, The papers are hot off the press, flowers prima,sentiments just what ive got in me likkle drawer, lace from Tabbycrafts, and me faithful little white pen. oh and me fathful little black pen too lol. Thanks so much for visiting and you are all so very kind to me, im getting around evryone slowly lol. OOh and the first card is using the mo's digital pencil image I coloured with distress inks a couple of weeks ago and wasnt happy with..................never mind it made a card lol ........... Take care and have a lovely evening. huggies from me xxxxxxxxxx

Another of mo's digital pencil images

Morning lovelies, ooh I cant get enough of these images, are they not the cutest you have ever seen lol. Hope everyone is fine and dandy and enjoying the bank holiday. This is another beautiful girl from mo's collection, I hop eyou like her. Coloured with copics, card is K and co, and whitewash (coredinations), ribbon from stash, and flowers from stash too, except the leaves from qvc lol.

Enjoy today everyone, and dont do too much..........just off to iron ugh! lol. Happy monday, loads of huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

30 Aug 2009

Mo's digital pencil

OOh I do love her images, did this, this afternoon arent they cuties, cant resist, im nearly bankrupt lol. The paper is K and co, coloured with copics,and pinked their likkle noses lol,Faux stitching with my favourite white couldnt do without pen!! little sentiment out of a book of rub ons ive had years lol, and metal corners from a scrapbook kitI bought in costco,Added glamour dust at their feet but it int showing up. hope you like it and thanks for popping by huggies from me xx

Dotties world challenge "Holidays"

Good morning on this sunday morn lol. Well doesnt sunday soon come around!! its a new challenge again at Dotties world, and today Julia has set the challenge, this is what she has asked for!.

I don't know about you, but my mind is definitely in holiday mode at the moment, so 'Holidays' is my theme for this week. Maybe a seaside theme, exotic colours from some far-off land, or perhaps a yummy ice-cream will provide your inspiration! Just choose your Charmed download to use and off you go!!

Well I adored my holidays in bangkok, and loved the beautiful lotus flower you see being used so much in prayer etc, also the richness of the golds, so I put real gold leaf on the paper, and the nestie sort of had a temple shape tp it, added jewels as the temples are ever so jewelled lol, and every time you speak to someone you say sawasdee, meaning hello in Thai........I hope it fits the bill. of course I used a charmed download, Thanks for visiting, and have a go. Happy bank holidays!! huggies from me xx

27 Aug 2009

Messing around at lunch time

Just aanother doodle he he thanks for looking and all being so kind to me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

26 Aug 2009

A couple more (just the faces arent right!!

she looks a bit oriental!!

Hiya everyone thanks ever so much for your lovely comments on my last couple pf drawings im still practising, hers a couple more, excuse them they are rough but thats how I draw lol I aint neat!!! he he. thanks for looking I appreciate every bit of critisism or good comments, Ineed to learn, thanks again xxxx

been drawing lol

Just had a doodle while the

tea was cooking lol, hope you like her huggiesfrom mexxxxxxxxx oh andthey are'nt that good but please dont claim them as your own drawings, THANKS XX

23 Aug 2009

"Something a little bit different!

Good morning sunday, a new challenge and guess who had to set it. EEk!! Well I do hope everyone has a go. I hope you are all having a lovely wekend, here's what I came up with.

This weeks challenge is to make something a little bit different, perhaps a tag or a box, or something altered, Maybe a shaped card, but not the normal shape. Of course use a charmed download, and let your imagination run wild!. Cant wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I think this is called a stair card, and I used Dreamer who is my favourite little pixie. You can download her and many other little beautiful downloads at Charmed cards and crafts. I put her among the clouds, which seemed apt for her. Have a lovely day, and i hope the sun shines on you.Huggies June xx

18 Aug 2009


Hello me lovelies, firstly can I say "Minnie me" you dont want distress inks lol.

Can someone give me a clue on how to go on with these bloomin distress inks! thi sis my first attempt, but how do you distress the background do you do it before or after, and do you wait until one layer of ink is dry or wet or bla bla bla im fed up and feel like putting the lot in the bin!!! any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou, One day they may be good enough to go on a card...................................maybe I will stick to polychromos and copics lol thanks everyone, look forward to some tips have alovely afternoon, im back at work tomorrow after being on the sick for a month, well im 55% and getting there. loves ya all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooh and why does the paper go all wibbly wobbly and do you iron it lol xx

16 Aug 2009

Dotties world weekly challenge "Who said romance was dead?"

Morning everyone, and hows the happy campers this morning?
Well its sunday again, they soon come around, it doesnt seem two minutes since last sunday (or am I getting old!!)
This weeks challenge from Dotties World, has been set by Adele and this is what she wants...,,
Who said romance is dead!
Today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary and I want to see that romance isn't dead. I adore making cards but making cards for those people in my life who are truely special to me is the best type of cardmaking of all!

So show me hearts and roses, flowers and swirls, just whatever makes you picture dreaminess and romance! don't forget to include a Charmed Download of course....I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!

So here's my little attempt, using The Dottie and George wedding dowload from Charmed cards and crafts. Coloured with polychromos, Paper K and co,roses, lace and flowers from stash, Heart cut with fiskars template, Then a little rub on ive had donkeys years. Do pop over and have a look at the other D.T members cards, they are brilliant, and go on have know you want to lol. Have a lovely sunday huggies from me.xxxx

14 Aug 2009

Fridays card

Good evening everyone, well what a day, the rain has rained all day bloomin long and ive got wet washing all over the bloomin place Me h.r.t seems to be helping a bit, but im not sure if its that or the respite from the m.e.. but neverthless> I made this card this afternoon, its a mo's digital image. I think they are so cool those images (cool is for kids I know but I couldnt think of anything else lol)

Coloured with copics and polychromo's (oh and ive got some ddistress inks and they bleed all over the paper so if anyone has any good tips for what paper to get id be ever so grateful) back to the card lol, ribbon from stash as were the flowers.

Hope you all have a lovely evening and thankyou so much for your visits to me likkle blog, huggies june xxx

10 Aug 2009


Hello everyone , hope your all ok, and have had a lovely weekend. Well Ive been given HRT, so we will see if it helps at all as im still naff!! So if its not the ol hormones its the m.e I will at least know when they kick in.

Made this littel card yestday, the image is a mo's digital pencil, they are lovely. Card from stash, hobbycraft netty stuff lol flowers from wild orchid craft and stash, ribbon from poppicraft.

Thanks for visiting me, oh and its coloured with copics lol (knew I would forget something!!0

Have a lovely evening whats left of it. Huggies from me xxxxxxx

9 Aug 2009

Dotties world challenge "Monochrome"

Good morning everyone, wonder if any of you are up yet lol. This is a card I did for this weeks "Dotties world Challenge". She is from the Holly and Maddison world tour collection, which you can get here.

This weeks challenge was set by Nicole, and this is what she asked for........

I'd like to see monochromatic for your color, any color...different shades and tones of the same color are totally fine.The Charmed Download can be colored with as many colors as you'd like.

So this is my attempt, the card is cut away so that the charms, that match her hat and bag can hang lol. Didnt read it properly and didnt realise I could have coloured her properly instead of monochrome!! lol.

She is coloured with polychromo pencils, charms from Dainty supplies, paper K and co, and the flowers from stash.

Hope you all have a lovely day and pop over to Dotties world and see what the other ladies have done, they are all brilliant. It may just inspire you all to have a go! huggies June xxx

8 Aug 2009

Do you believe in magic???

Well do you?? lol, did this yesterday and am not at all happy with it, but it will join the other three hundred and odd I got in bags!!! The pixie is a donload from Charmed cards and crafts, isnt she so cute!! The papers are from K and co, flowers are some tickers stuck on some prima flowers I found in the drawer, bit of white pen for the faux stitching and voila!

I have to go to the docs monday as my blood tests revealed my hormones are awol, hence the spinning, lethargy and everything else, so im going back on HRT. I had it years ago, hopefully it will make me feel better and I will get a life again.

Anyway each, have a wonderful saturday, Im just sending my little fairy out shopping for me as I still dont have the energy, but next saturday my car may get started for the first time in a month!!! enjoy today, huggies and love from me xxx

6 Aug 2009

Me first card of the week!!!

Hello everyone and thankyou fo all the kind wishes you have been sending me, im a bit better today than yesterday and havent been back to bed, and me legs are working now!!! hopefully it will cntinue to get better cos I miss being at work so much!! I did no housework, but thought I would attempt a likkle card so I hope you like her, I coloured with polychromo pencils, paper from a big K and co pad, heart from stash as is the ribbon and the flowers from stash too. Thanks so much for visiting and all the lovely things you have said,and special love to me sis sassysue now I shall try and answer some e mails as I have a full inbox, night night loves ya all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 Aug 2009

No card Tuesday

Hello lovelies, please excuse me for being a bad blogger yet again, but im just so poorly. Went to gp yesterday who took bloods so just wating for the results, in my good moments im still popping in and trying to leave you all comments. Have a happy tuesday evening huggies and love from me xxx

2 Aug 2009

Dotties world weekly Challenge"Black and White"

Hi Everyone, its sunday again, and another weekly challenge from Dotties world. Gunn set the challenge and this is it.

Here is my challenge. I want you to make a card that goes in black and white. You can use all shades of black and white.Skin tones are allowed on skin....Elements are great on cards- charms, flowers or what ever you like. On these elements I want you to have ONE other color, just to make an contrast to the black and white. You don`t need to have this color on all the elements, but one should have the color you choose.Ofcourse, remember to include Charmed downloads.Have fun and play along.

So I have used my favourite fairy from charmed downoads, also the frame, paper from Hotp, flowers from stash and dainty supplies, Martha stewart doiley punch and leone m leaf punch and a couple of dew drops, just coloured her very lightly to give the dark and shade. Hope you like it and please go to Dotties world and see all the other girls cards they are stunning. Hope you have a lovely sunday Huggies June xxxx

1 Aug 2009

Mams fairy box

Hiya everyone hope you are all well, im getting there slowly but still may need a visit to the docs monday, after my consultant appointment!! All go eh lol. Well I madet his for me mam today, its her birthday in september and thought I could put ome earrings inside or something nice to go with her pressie, shes a darlin. Its a matchbox, covered with hotp paper, lace from tabbycrafts, little sparkly bits from stashm, leaves leone m punch and I cant remember th name of the other punch, eek. Pearls from stash, glamour dusted, image from Charmed cards and crafts I think that about sums it up, I have the fairy hanging so she can place it wherever she wants to. Inside its got two little bits of writing, and some angel hair and roses. Thanks so much for looking at my blog and I hope you like it huggies and have al ovely evening xxxxxxxxxx

Something Different

Good morning everyone, well is the sun isnt here!!! never mind eh the flowers need the water lol. I did this card yesterday, the fairy I found in me archives goodness knows where I got it! the paper is from me new k and co book, the flowers are from stash and wild orchid. the glittery bits are glamour dusted, Thers tons of it on here and you cant see it!!!! oh and me octagonal nesties, think thats about it lol but im not sure of her, do you think she looks a bit drab. Bit better this morning but someone is going out to do me shopping cos I still feel weak,.....right enough moaning, have a lovely saturday whatever your doing. huggies and love from me xxxxxxx