Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

30 Oct 2011

Ive made a tent card yee haa!!!!

EEh hello me lovlies, I moved the plinths tiles and boxes and got into my buroo so that I could get a card made!!!! eeeh it was lovely playing again, and although I think me mojos ran off a bit I did try lol. The image is saturated canary, the paper is K and co. Flowers from wild orchid crafts, banner is acrylic stampa and ive forgotten who by (wouldnt care I just bought them two weeks ago!) The corners are from wild orchid crafts too, now have I forgotten anything!! ooh bakers twine for e bay a sample pack and I really like it!! OOh and she coloured with copics. Well thats it im over the moon Ive got better to share than a bloomin coloured image!!! hope you have ahd a lovely weekend, im looking forward to x factor later. Thanks so much for popping by it means a lot to me, love and huggies June xx

Challenges im entering.............sweet stampin. "Anything goes"
                                                   Charisma cardz challenge, "Anything goes"

28 Oct 2011

Sorry just another image no card day yet

Hiya me lovelies , well as you can see I still cant make a card and im really sick of it now, if builders etc would only turn up when they promised!! but they dont eh> so my conservatory is blocked in with plinths etc grrr. So I coloured this saturated canary image (I love em) but im not happy with her, the background will be cut away slightly so you wont see the outline of the background shadow, the colours didnt go well!!! I tried to make the net at the bottom see through and its not bad but it was a first attempt, must practise!!! Hope everyone is fit and well, im still coughing week three, maybe next week I will be cough free eh? Take care and have a lovely weekend, thanks for popping by I really appreciate it, love and huggies June xx

25 Oct 2011

Some more colouring, and my own image (keeping me sane)

 Hiya me lovelies well done some more colouring, makes a change from cards.....not. Hope you are all fit and well and staying warm, its freezing up north. The first is a saturated canary digi coloured in red this time and I think I like her better, the next one is my own drawing I was messing around lol. Take care huggies and love xxx

24 Oct 2011

Sorry no card again just a couple of coloured images

Hello me lovlies, im still suffering with this horrible cold and half the house have it now too!!! But I must go back to work wednesday so I hope im ok for then, wouldnt like to put any of the patients at risk bless them. Well im just waiting for the plinths on the kitchen then some odds and ends and that is done............but then its the bathroom and all the tiles etc are still in the conservattory so its still a no go. Im suffering honestly, with not being able to make at least one card, its not a lot to ask eh!!!!.Anyway im still colouring and this one seems to be really popular at the minute, I love Mos images, and I do hope ive done her justice. Hope you are all fit and well and havent succumbed the dreaded bugs!!! huggies and love from me xxxxxx

21 Oct 2011

Still no card boo hoo but another coloured image.

Hello loveies, im suffereing big time, having not been able to craft for over a month and still not a day in sight, I think I wil go mad, Im loaded with cold too, aw well theres a lot of folks worse off than me, so I shouldnt grumble. Well this is my todays little coloured image, its a Rick st Dennis image and is  just waiting to be stuck on a card.................eventually!!! I hope everyone is fit and well and have alovely weekend, huggies and love from me xxx

14 Oct 2011

not a card but a coloured image

Hiya lovelies well I feel dire and couldnt be bothered to do anything so thought I would colour up a couple of images for when I can get back in my conservatory, this is one of them from saturated canary, was going to do pink but thought again, I think now it may be too drab but I can always do another, The back gardens now a bombsite waiting for the block paving lads returning in the morning. Hope you are all ok and dont have this dreaded lurgy, off to get my pjs on now, loads of love June x

Arghhh cold!!!

Good morning lovelies, sitting in the dark in the middle of the night its nice to know youare all out there.  I started to get cold yesterday and ive been up since two!! also have a mammoth coldsore, does anyone else have this cold as I havent been beside anyone with it. had to ring text my team leader as they wouldnt want me in, we have too many vulnerable patients in the hospice. so couldnt risk it,but I hate missing work. Aw well off for the paracetamol I hope everyone is well and have alovely weekend huggies from me xxxx ooh and I have only soil out of my back as the block pavers started yesterday!!!!!

13 Oct 2011

No card Thursday!!!!

Morning Lovelies, just been going round the blogs and getting some inspiration for when I can finally get at my buroo in the conservatory!!! Kitchen stillnot finished although its getting there, the leccy hasnt turned out yet again!! so I still dont have my spotlights or lights under the cupboards. arghhh the block pavers are coming,yes just throw it sll at me at once!!!!! the bathroom is supposed to be getting started next week, and I still dont have a thermostat for my combi which has been in three weeks on saturday. Aw well cant do anything about it, so im off to brave the traffic into newcastle where I work, happy thursday!!!!!!!!!!! xxxx

9 Oct 2011

Problem with blooger can anyone help

Hiya me lovelies from a wet and cold Blyth!! Im having such a problem leaving my comments on some blogs, what is happening is its coming up with select profile as it does, but when im putting it in it just refreshees and asks the same again, on some blogs im putting my name and URL but some dont give me the option. I dont want to miss anyone out, this was happening yesterday too when I tried to blog hop. Would anyone know what is wrong. I hope you all have a lovely sunday and thankyou huggies June xx

7 Oct 2011

Getting there.....................slowly!!!

Morning lovelies, I wont bore you with details but I do wish I had a kitchen taking into account it is nearly 3 weeks!!! been let down by a few peeps mostly the electrician so im still sitting with my halogen cooker trying to cook for 6 people im sick of the sight of sandwiches!!!! never mind this is it so far, hope everyone is fit and well and keeping warm , its absolutley freezing up north!!!!!!!

4 Oct 2011

Yee haa one day I may have a kitchen

Hello my lovelies, hope everyone is well in blogland, ive been checking up and leaving my daily comments!! Well this is last nights image, its starting, they are coming back tonight,hopefully to put  some units up as I cant get into myliving room or kitchen for cupboards, this seems to be going on forever!!!Poor Stephen had a rotten job of taking the floor up and had a rotten big gash in his thumb!!! awwwww.Hope no one is eating their breakfast!!! Well must get ready off to the optician for the yearly eye test ugh, I dread that puff of air, it always gives me a fright!!!! I hope everyone has a lovely day, huggies from me xxxxx