Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

31 May 2009

Good evening lovely bloggers, sorry dont have a card for to put on my blog this evening. Just wanted to say hope you have ahd a wonderful day in the sunshine, its been scorching here and im burned!! ah ha but wait till it turns brown..................................then I shed my skin like a snake lol grrrr.

Anyway this is me and me lovely mum whos my best freind in the entire world shes my angel. Had a barbecue today so thats why I look a clip!! lol. Have a good evening. ooh double helping of Benidorm...........oooeerr I do love benidorm. Nighty night xxxxxxx

25 May 2009

Good morning everybody (or should I say middle of the night, ive been up since thre but wont moan lol. I made this card yesterday afternoon, . used my square nesties then didnt like it so cut bits off lol, the rest is from stash, I ant rich and dont buy much new lol. Anyway I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday monday and I hope its as sunny as y esterday, wasnt it a lovely day? Happy crafting!!

24 May 2009

Good morning everyone up with the larks again gonna start and iron now then clean and the usually sunday bliss...............not. Another card I made yesterday althoug im not hapy with the purple on think it looks a bit dreary, ah well will I ever learn to get my polychromos to look vivid!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your bank holiday weekend, its the ususal for me, but I would like to think I can get me buroo opened and have a little play later, So enjoy sunday and Ihope the sun shines oneveryone, and Sue get me that e mail sent im missing ya and have sent you "2" arghhhh. loves ya sis, and thanks evryone for visitng me gallery it makes me day!! loves yer all!! xxx

23 May 2009

Wedding card

Hello everyone, good afternoon I hope you are all fit and well, ive been off work again this week due to the stomach pain but have to have another endoscopy in june (the fourth one!!) so I myay get some answers.

Little card I made this afternoon, imnot sure what the stamped image is as I was sent it by a kind docrafts member, the papers are hot off the press, and the roses I get off e bay lol Cut out with my nesties (must get round to using my new square ones!!! anyway enough babbling lol thankyou ever so much for leaving me such lovely comments it makes my day, have a lovely evening............

22 May 2009

Good morning everyone. Hope you are all well. Ive been asked to make another two of my little booties for soemone at work one for a girl and one a boy. Thesea re easy to make, but take ages with the fiddly glue lol. Its just photogrph paper to give them the shine, used a template from "for a freind cd", then punched the holes for the eyelets with my cropodile added ribbons etc, the box is from the same cd. Thankyou for looking, i am going to work today i was off yesterday boo hoo not well, but I am off now, so have a good day everyone and thankyou for alll the support with you rlovely comments I really do appreciate every one of them xx

17 May 2009

Good afternoon everyone I made this a couple of weeks ago and have entered it for the colour create challenge, is it allowed or does it have to be made especially this week, if anyone knows I would love the advice.......... thanks darls have a great afternoon xxxx

15 May 2009

Hiya aga in, I received these awards today so I rhink I should pass them on to three other people, everyone that visits my blog deserves this love award cos I love the lot of ya, and I want you all to share them, but may I just leave it for three others who are always so kind to me and such an inpiration
kaylou ......................thanks for your support from day one hunnie im ever so grateful.

Cass .................your always there and so very kind

Sue ...................Thanks for everything, your always so very kind to me too.

Have a lovely night everyone x

Hello again happy friday evening, I dont believe it ive received another award from Cass thanks ever so much me darling, thats two awards in one day im honoured he heits great this blogging thingy lol, have a lovely evening xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Good afternoon everyone I recieved this lovely award from Charlotte, thankyou ever so much my freind, and I dont suppose we ever trully believe in ourselves do we? well I dont but I will try lol, im over the moon thanks again its a lovely I pass it on??? xxxxx

14 May 2009

stampacular sunday challenge

Good afternoon lovely ladies, hope your enjoying the start of sumer its been alovely day here and I have had half a dayo ff which was even better!! sooooo I made two cards, The second one for the stampacular sunday challenge hope its ok hanglar stanglar stamped image, both coloured with polychromos, I used stamp to make the flourish and used papermania gems, the card was from stash so was the paper but I think it was hot off the press, Hand made likkle bows and flowers from the charmed cards and crafts, hope you like them and thankyou everyone that visits my blog and has left me such lovely comments I appreciate each and every one, thanks again....................

11 May 2009

Hello, what a lovely day it has been up north, been really busy over the weekend etc, and hospital today more test and cameras in orifices coming up!! yuk but have to get sorted, contstantly being ill is taking its toll.

Really enjoying my new car but someone tried to crash me today!!!! stupid man. Anyway............... I made two cards today and they arent very good but for some reason me hearts not in cardmaking at the miute, it will come back I hope.

Thanks for visiting, the papers are hot off the press, the flowers fro charmed cards and crafts, and the brads papermania with a laura ashley rub on. Tilda coloured with polychromos, the other is an image I got and coloured with polychromos, just addeds tuff from stash, Hope you all have alovely evening whatever your doing xxxx

9 May 2009

Hello lovely people, sorry this isnt a new card, cos I havent had time playing with me new car he he and its gorgeous!! I quite liked this card it was for my lovely australian friend who I call my aussie butterfly shes a fantastic lady, I used a large peeled off ova and added guipure lace and ribbons .Hope you like it and if not well its a bit of colour on me blog lol. Have alovely even ing off to watch britains got talent now nite nite, and if your reading this sis love you and hope youve had a lovely day, your such a special talented gorgeous lady bye for noo xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

7 May 2009

Hello lovely ladies, sorry no cards today but I never get a chance through the week with work etc boo hoo. I hope you are all well and enjoying your crafting, went along to sort the last details for my car tomorrow and didnt have all of the log book so this is gonna be fun, have to go to the dvla tomorrow and request another, so hoping I get one, luckily its just round the corner from where I work in gosforth so thats a godsend. Anyway enough ramblings im worn out with excitement when I got to the garage it was having the mot and I watched it all through the big wondow. ooooh its just gorgeous lol, I know im daft but im like a kid at christmas. Ah well hope everyone has a lovely evening, doubt I will get any cards made over the weekend etiher he he will need plenty money for petrol!!!! night night God bless xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 May 2009

Hellooo peeps, well I still havent even got the paper for Chris room, the excitement of me new car put pay to that he he, this is gonna be a long week!! So I had a play and used an image ive used before which was a download,coloured with polychromos the paper was just what I had, the brads out of a qvc kit, flowers the papermania ones in the likkle tubes lol oh and I paper pricked a pattern areound it . Thanks for looking and I hope your enjoying you bank holiday,oh and the other one is a precious moments image coloured as usual with polychromos, flowers out of a likkle papermania tube, the likkle entiment was from a qvc kit I got eons go lol, right im off this time before you all give up the will to live lol xxxxxxxxxx

2 May 2009


I am just sooooooo soooooo excited, call me mad if you want but ive dreamt of this honda civic since they first came out, sillyit may seem but ive never wanted something as much apart from me doggies lol, eeeh im picking it up friday afternoon, aint she gorgeous, I did want black or red, but went for this in the end lol thanks for visitng me blog x

Early one morning

Hello everyone, happy saturday!! been up since four so what else was I expected to do but a ard he he. The background card is new coredinations whitewash, the flowers are cuttlebugges, the image, now then it was sent ot me so I dont have a clue!!,but its coloured with polyhromos, the ribbon from stash and the new little bubbles are papermania, there ever so sparkly, thankyou for visiting today, have a good un x

1 May 2009

Me again playing with me new nesties

Hellooooo, well had a busy afternoon lol, sticking and cutting he he, tried out me new nesties and of coure it took about 3 atempts till I got it right lol, anyway this is the end resultPaper is ka nad co what I won in the blog candy, and some from stash brads from qvc he he, coloured with polychromos .Not keen on buggies really but these high hopes stamps are just so cute, so here he is, and hes green I dont know whats come over me lately, unless its cos im envious of everyones fabby blogs!!!! thanks for visiting me blog cos im ever so grateful to ya, have a lovely weekend xxxxx