Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

24 Feb 2009

This is the other card

Please could someone tell me how to add tow images at a time he he, Idont have a clue!!!!! any help would be grateful instead of keephaving to do seperate post, sorry its frustrating to e he he thanks for looking xxxxxxxxxxxx Off to iron now!!! ugh

Couple of cards

Just a couple of the cards I did at the weekend but im losing the plot I think, sat last night colouring in, what I think is a sugar nellie image someone sent me, and I think a hanglar of Tilda, im not sure but will have a go alter, dont they take an age to colour in. Especially in the dark lol, but it took me ages so I hope when I do them they are ok, there are so many wonderful talented crafters doing the tilda stuff at the minute. Anyhow heres just a couple of quiclies from saturday, thank you for taking the time to look xx

This is Benji

OOh I lost the photo of benj somewhere in cyberspace, told you I was uselss at this blogging thingy!!!!!

my Benji and Gizmo