Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

30 May 2012

My painting for my daughters 19th birthday (Oil on canvas)

Hiya me lovelies, sorry no card, not been too good. But it was my daughters 19th birthday on monday and she is disney princess mad!!! So I thought a picture of her as one of them would be nice, girls just dont want to grow up do they lol. Its painted with oil on a canvas and it isnt dry but she had to have it on her birthday or it wouldnt have been the same, still a few bits and bobs to sort but just on finished, The style had to be cartoon except for her face as thats really what you  are drawn to look at first hopefully!!!hope you like it. Well im off work today, as I was there yesterday and back in tomorrow and friday, so im off to iron, hope you all have a lovely day, the sunshines gone now but hopefully it will come back soon eh? take care and thank you for visiting you know I really appreciate it loads and loads,big huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Oh and anyone want a comission, pets people, well anything really im up for it,  I would charge £50 for that size canvas and would need to know well ahead to make sure it wasnt wet when posted  May sound a lot but thats cheap for an original oil painting x thanks me lovelies xxhuggies June xxxx

27 May 2012

Sunday with a saturated canary

Hiya me lovelies well oooh isnt the sunshine lovely, got three loads of washing dry ugh, never stopped today cos the pains eased alittle but not gone yet!!!. Done alsorts and even managed to make a card between the sea fret, which you get constantly living five mins away from the beach ugh!!!!! I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend too. Well this is the freebie the wonderful Krista so kindly gave away, isnt she a darlin and I Just adore Kristas work, I also won the challenge this week so got the lovely new images whoop whoop he eh. Shes coloured with polychromos and a bit of copic lol. The red paper is actually from wilkinsons, the flowers are of course wild orchid crafts, and the hearts are cut out with my martha stewart punch, I love this punch, The ribbons are from the ribbon girl and my stash, and the little gems are from the pound shop lol, hey you can pick up some right bargains!!! The cheesecloth is from my lovely freind Bev and you can hardly see it against the white background!!!!Well  of to do yet more ironing, just had my shower, enjoy the beautiful summer evening if you get the chance, thanks so much for your continued visits and wonderful comments, you will never know how grateful I am, loves you all loads and loads MWHA love June, ooh and it my daughters birthday tomorrow too so ive got balloons and everything to blow up eeek, better shoot lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

24 May 2012

Lilies little fairies challenge"Anything but a square"

Morning me lovelies , hows the world treating you, well im not gonna moan, ive given it up!!! hope you are all good. Mind I do have to mention that I have a big spot on my chin,yeh where everyone can see it, and I never get spots!!! whats goin on here!!! I thought I may be growing another brain maybe!!! ooh but then I would be dangerous!!! Anyway Its thursday again and its time for this weeks challenge at lilis little fairies, and its "Anything but a square" now then hold on a bit!! the square card are the easiest, hey but who says lifes easy lol. Ive cut this with my grand calibur and grand nesties, my gorgeous likkle bear is coloured with copics and polychromo pencils, the bunting is stamped with my bunting stamps and if it wasnt too much hassle I would let you know what make they are but im in me jamas so will go gout later and check! the tulle is from  me lovely pal Bev and the ribbon from stash, The little fabric car is from an old scrapbooking kit, eeh and ive just noticed there aint a flower in sight!!!! now im gonna have to look at where I can stick one!!!!!!Sooooooo I hope that you can join in this week, and of course check out my other teamies work cos it is fandablydoucious, go on have a go dare you lol. Thanks so much for your constant support and lovely comments you all make my day and im ever so grateful, Hope the sun shines on you today, loads of love and huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

22 May 2012

Tiny blessings

Hi me lovelies, thank you so much for evryones concern your all so lovely. The doctor took blood tests to check on kidneys pancreas liver etc, and ive got three lots of medication which I hasten to add isnt doing a thing yet!!! but I shall perservere!! but thank you im ever so grateful , your wonderful  pals. Imade this card on sunday too, shes coloured with copics and polychromos and to be honest I nearly dumped her cos I just didnt think she was right, but never mind ive made a card with her after all.  The flowers are fom Wild orchid crafts and my lovely pal Mette, thanks sweetie. I used a marianne garland die and spelbinders die, the paper is from eeek I just cant remember as ive lost the fron to fit so sorry. Well its been a beautiful day here, mind ive spent half of it cooking cleaning, taking uno tatty doggy to groomers cos she wont let me cut her like th other two, mind she smells good, they put doggie perfume on them and gizmo thinks shes great now, hes all over her like a rash!!!!. So im off to see you all now and look at your wonderful creations, have a wonderful night and as always im ever so grateful to you all,your smashing,heres a pic of newly cut doggy lol big MWHA's xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

20 May 2012

My sunday saturated canary.

Hello me lovlies, well I have made a card and  I have to apologise, as im feeling terrible with the abdomninal pain, so my colouring is rubbish on this one, but I had nothing to  put on my blog, so believe me this was a labour of love.Shes called smashy curls, coloured with polychromos and copics, the flowers are from my lovely pal Bev and cuddly buddly. The fantastic ribbon is from the ribbon girls, the metal large grommet is from DCWV. I put little eyelets in and strung them to try and resemble her book , (Well I did say try lol). The edge is punched with a martha stewart punch. pin from e bay with a button added, and the little hearts were a freebie silicone stamp I got many moons ago. Well its off to the docs tomorrow thank goodness, not that Iexpect any results, cos they are hopeless here!!!! if not I will travel to A and E im that fed up now. Sooo my lovely friends, at least the sun is shining today and Gods in his heaven, have alovely afternoon and I will be popping in to see everyone later, loads of love and mahossive huggies from me, and thanks for popping in, its lovely of you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

17 May 2012

Lilies little fairies challenge, "Bear essentials"

Hello me lovelies, thank you so much for your kind words on  yesterdays comments, I appreciate eacha nd every one, and no today I wont moan except to say nothing is any better and roll on monday fo my gp appointment. On to my card, its lilies little fairies challenge again, they soon come around. This week its "Bear essentials" Aw I love these littel bears and they are a dream to colour! hes coloured with copics and polychromos, the tulle is from my lovely freind Bev thanks hun, the sentiment is one of he new LOTV they are gorgeous! The two flowers are from stash as is the little pom poms. The leaves are a new marianne die, and Im in love with them, little butterflies are punched out with my martha stewart punch. So come on lovlies give it a go this week im sure your all like me and love little cuties. Thanks again for your concern, and have a lovely evening whatever your doing,Sending you all big MWHA's xxxx

16 May 2012

No one wants a moaner.

Hello me lovely pals, well wont go into detail as im in quite alot of pain and I know you wouldnt believe it from the photo but thats what fibro and M.E and gastric problems do, make you look like nothings wrong with you, whe inside you feel terrible, but like the title dont want to moan cos then everyone thinks your a misery guts and I dont wanna be one of those!!! I took Stephen to the woodhorn colliery museum, this morning, its only 8 miles from me, and its really a good day out,mind we were only there an hour, but theres some great stuff to see, including this miner having a wash!!...........................well I had to didnt I !!!!! have a great evening whatever your doing, sending me biggest huggies to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13 May 2012

Sunday and a saturated canary

Good aftenoon me lovely pals. hows everyone, well my knee is still wrecking hence the painkillers and the stomach pain is awful, so I have another appointment at the docs for next monday, yes you got to wait ten days brilliant eh?

This afternoons card is a saturated canary image from the lovely lady herself Krista, who was so kind to give me this one, isnt that just so sweet of her. There are some lovely people in this world!!!
Its coloured with copics and polychromos and the colouring went all wrong!! I wanted it far more muted blues and pinks but it ended up this bright!! never mind its done now, and im entering it into this weeks saturated canary challenge "May flowers" and wild orchid crafts anything goes ,  Hope everyone is fit and well, its just started raining here again grr. Take care and thanks so much for popping by , im ever so grateful huggies and love from me xxxxx

OOps forgot the list of stuffies lol, flowers wild orchid crafts, paper is from the me to you, leaves are marianne dies, Big flowers are boofle, sentiment is from a scrapbook kit, muslin is from my lovely freind Bev, thanks hun, and the ribbon etc is from stash. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


10 May 2012

Lili's little fairies challenge "Favourite craft tool"

Good morning me lovelies from a wet cold blyth!! ugh this rain will it ever stop, on top of that im off today with this knee, bloomin awful!!! but I suppose you cant look after patients when your hobbling like a good un!!! Anyway its back to lilies little fairies challenge for this week and its "Favourite craft tool" I just know everyone will have one!(Sorry had to take the photo smaller  so its rubbish!!) Mine is my grand calibur, how did Imanage without it she says!! love the shaped cards I can cut, but then theres a problem of boxes, wish I knew how to make em!!! Sooo the image is a LOTV as is the sentiment, the flowers are from my lovely freind Mette, thanks hun, the flower pearl border and tuille is from the lovely Bev thanks me darlink. Its coloured with polychromos and copics, I like these cute little bears and they are lovely to colour. Well again im ever so grateful for you all popping by it really means a lot. It would be great if you could jin in with our challenge this week, and if you get the chance have a gander at my teamies efforts cos they are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!! Have alovely day and I hope the sun is shining where you are. Take care loads of love and huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8 May 2012

saturated canary

Hello me lovlies, well how is everyone, I hope you are all ok, im a bit sad today, we had to have one of our dogs put down yesterday, she was 10 and stephen is inconsolable, she was his dog before he came here but I was really attached to molly  too, its so awful, so rest in peace lovely dog. Right onto the picture, its another saturated canary, shes coloured with copics and polychromos, the paper is from papermania capsule, The flowers are frin wild orchid carfts and my lovely Pal Mette, thanks darlin, the ribbons is years old, I must update my ribbons when I get pennies. The metal corners are from a scrapbook kit I had. Pins are from stash and the muslin is from lmy lovely Bev. The sentiment is from my stashy box too.The little tag sentiments are from LOTV and will be for sale soon, arent they just gorgeous!!!!  Well at the minute the sun is shining here, for how long no one knows, still in bad pain with me knee, but have to go to work tomorrow matterless, this is what you get with fybro. So thank you for everyone that comes and supports me with such lovely comments, im eternally grateful. I do hop eyou all have alovely tuesday and I will be popping in later on to see you all .Thank you loves ya lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

6 May 2012

Saturated canary for a sunday

Hello me darlins, well if its not one thing its a ruddy other!!! me knees gone naff now and me back so aint life grand!!! grr must be getting old me thinks, well if it doenst go it will be the chiropractor I think!! One day Imight post with something good instead of moans, groans aches and pains lol, anyway one thing that is good are Kristas new images, aww isnt that girl a wonderful artist, and I just adore every little thing she draws!! this is coloured with copics and polychromos, the paper is from a large K and co pad, the swirly bits were cut with my grand calibur,The fence is a magnolia die,The white paper flowers were from my lovely pal Bev, and I added little plastic ones and gems. Bit of muslin, and a sentiment from LOTV, and bobs your uncle. So what are we all doing this weekend, im off to watch my middle son play in yet another charity foootie match tomorrow, for a freind of his little boy who has leukaemia, some of the newcastle united players are going to be there watching too. if I can walk, I dont like footie but I will go to back him up. Well waiting for mum to land then coffee and chat. Have a good extra long weekend and thanks so much for popping by it really means a lot to me, huggies and love June xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3 May 2012

Lili's little Fairies challenge "Anything goes"

Good morning me lovelies, well its raining again here in Blyth, and im off out on a trip with patients to a local garden centre!!! erm well, we will see!! Well its thursday again and time for this weeks challenge at "Lili's little fairies" its !Anything goes, and this week is sponsered by which craft for a lovely packet of shutter cards. so come on have a go. My card is a LOTV image called "Patchwork Butterfly" aw isnt it a cutie. Ive coloured it with copics and polychromo pencils. The tuille is from my lovely pal Bev, the flowers are wild orchid crafts and ive dabbed them with white acrylic paint, kinda like flowers done like this. The little frame is from an old scrapbooking kit as are the tabs and the heart is me very last one from a visit to Bangkok!! and I loved them boo hoo. So its hi ho hi ho its off to work I go, please if you have time take a look at what the rest of my teamies have done, cos they are brilliant!!! thanks so much for popping by again im ever so grateful, have a lovely day huggies from me xxx

1 May 2012

Saturated canary

Good evening me lovlies, well just in fro work and had me tea, im on a diet!!! ive put on a stone and a half in a year and mrs blubber wants it off!!! so I just had poached eggs on toast and im still starving lol. Back to the card instead of drivvling on!!! She is one of the new saturated canary images, and oooh isnt Krista just so bloomin talented!!! I think she and that wee doggie are just the cutest things!! shes coloured with copics, the flowers are wild orchid crafts . The butterflies are cut with my martha stewart butterfly punch and ive added a couple of long gems.The sentiment is LOTV I love these sentiments,and they have some new ones coming out really soon and theya re fabby I put one onyesterdays card, just gorgeous. Well now what, I cant have a biccy or anythig like that so I will go in the shower and it may make me forget about chocolate!!!!! I said maybe lol!! I hope everyone is ok, have a lovely evening and Im sending you loads of huggies for being so kind with all of your lovely comments, so love  and mahoosive huggies from me xxxxxxxx