Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

31 Jul 2009

Hello everybody, well i forced myself to make a card today cos I got me new flowers and papers and pins, so I really had too although I still dont feel good, never mind eh, things can only getter better (used to like that song lol).

Tilda, coloured with polychromo's, Paper is hotp, Flowers from that lovely place I cannot remember the name of at the present grr. and the pins from Tabbycraft ooh and they are lovely pins too.

Ribbon from stash, thanks ever so much for visiting and im off now to have a sock in a nice b ubble bath, take care toodle pip xxxxxxxx

Hello everyone, sorry to be a pain, if i dont feel any better by monday Im going back to the doctors, but for now. I wont moan eny more!!! this is just a little card I did about two weeks ago, image coloured with copics, black card, papermania, flowers from a pressie I got from Susie at die cut dreams for my birthday, what a sweetie. and the brad is from a pack I got from poppycrafts, . Luckily I did this sundays dotties worlld challenge last week or i would have had to miss out!!!Hope this finds you all well, im off back to bed, what a grump eh?? Just didnt want anyone to think I was shirking from my blog.thanks for visiting xxxxxx

30 Jul 2009

Good afternoon everyone, Ive been a bad blooger not posting any cards, but have been quite ill now for over a week, im just out of bed and am going back, I dont know if its my m.e. playing up or some kind of virus but im not at all well, so just wanted to post and let you know, im still commenting on blogs and visiitng, but dont have the energy to do anythign else, thanks your all lovely, Ihope the sun is shining where you are and your having a lovely afternoon huggies from me xxxxx

28 Jul 2009

Another award from Tracey the little darlin

Hi everyone im over the moon , my freind and wonderful crafter Tracey has awarded me this for a beutiful blog aint she so kind, I have to pass it on to ten people but I don tknow how to link their names to the list so that you go to their blog, told you I was thick. no cards today, My M.e. has never been as bad this last few days and its my holidays, although I was going to go into work friday I have had to cancel, so just popped on and am going back to bed,never mind eh things can only get better and this award surely cheered me up, thanks daring your a little treasure, and for me sis, Ihope everything went ok, I will mail when I get the cance love you, thanks for visitng me blog, huggies June xxxx

26 Jul 2009

EEh im soooo excited

Is this not the best afternoon ever......even if I do feel lousy!! Karen from Charmed cards and crafts has just invited me to be a designer on Dotties world, after doing a months stint as a guest!!, eeh im so excited and honoured, just wanted to share me happy sunday huggies June xxx

My last week as guest designer at Dotties world (razzle dazzle)

Hi everone, this is my last week at dotties boo hoo and I have sooooo enjoyed myself, this weeks theme is razzle I made two lol

I am not really a "bling" type of gal but lets see a bit of razzle dazzle this week please. It could be metallic papers, gems, glitter...whatever takes your fancy but don't forget to include a charmed download!

Well that is what you have to come up with so I hope mines ok.

Used a charmed download of course lol, papermania card, ribbon and acetate etc from stash, matha stewart doiley punch to create the top vellum border, and glitter flowers from QVC. The pins were from e bay and the beads are from stash luckilyy they matched lol, The second card is a pixie from charmed, and punched the flowers out of the paper to match, shes coloured with copics as the top one is polychromos.Thankyou everyone for visiting you really do cheer me up when I read the wonderful comments, thanks for taking the time and have a lovely sunday, and please gander over to dotties where the girls have made some stunning examples . xxxxxxxxxx

25 Jul 2009

Good afternoon everyone, hope your all well and enjoying the sunshine we dont have!!! grr its raining. This is another of yesterdays cards, coloured with copics on papermania cardstock, with ribbon from stash, tried to match the swingtag with the dogtag lol. Thanks for visiting and Im very grateful for any comments, it makes my day huggies June xxxx

Good morning at 5.00 (and I didnt go to bed tillmidnight grr) anyhow. Had a break from painting yesterday and did 3 quickie cards, really rubbish but never mind soemthing to put on me blog lol. Had a traumatic week with different things happening, but hopefully all is settled now.

This is a charmed download , the paper is from I do not know where ( but yo know what im like with remembering paper), its out of a mixed pad lol, if that helps, the flowers are prima and the little ones punched out, the brads are eons old!! and that about sums it up, oh apart from the dew drops lol, dont really like this card much cant you tell he he. Hope everyone has their share of the sunshine. Off to our 24 hour asda now, how riveting, the life of a housewife and mother , bye for noo and thanks for popping bye, huggies and love from geordieland xxxxx

19 Jul 2009

Birthday card

Hiya everyone hope you have had a good day, its been glorious here but a tad windy!! I have done three cards today thought I would have a lazy day till I sat down and tried to conjur up mojo went out of the window, but eventually I did this ad a couple of others. Image coloiured with copics, cuttlebugged backgrounda nd round nesties, flower from stash, hand drawns siwrls cos it looked a bit bare, and me x cut border. Have a great evening and thanks for visiting huggies June xxxxx

Challenge at Dotties World

Hiya everyone, well week three of being guest designer at Dotties world, and im gonna miss it after next sunday as its good to have a theme. this is this weeks...

“Hiya folks!My idea for a challenge is to create a frame or border somewhere on your card or project. This could be cut out shapes, a picture frame effect or a stamped border perhaps. This shouldn't be too tricky I hope and there are lots of ways to create the effect. Good luck!”

So I thought I would do Mikey in a frame with his foot and guitar coming out (if you know what I mean lol, my son loves his guitar so that inspired me, so this is my attempt, not the usual girly colours, so bit out of my comfort zone.

Dowload "Mikey " from charmed cards and crafts, cocktail sticks and little gems and string from stash (to create the fret board) coloured with copics. Hop eyou like him. thanks for visiting and have a happy sunday, and dont orget to check out the other girls cards at dotties they are beautiful xxxxxx

18 Jul 2009

Summer sun........................

..........Except its bucketing torrents here!! another of my hanglar images made for a pals birthday. The background paper is from a free download, coloured with copics, little papermania gems, chipboard letters and the odd bit of faux sitching, thanks evr so much for visiting xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi again each lol, image coloured with polychormo pencils but dont know if I got enough depth on this one arghh. Washing line and pegs from scratch, little border done with my cuttlebug, backing paper from stash and I dont know the name of it its ancient!! Prima flowers and two white beads in the centre of thflowers. OOh and the little branches leone-em punch Thanks again for looking hope you all have a lovely evening, huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Fluttery Christmas

Hiya everyone, still havent recovered from this dreaded ear infection been awful so its gonna be back to the docs monday for me!!
Hope everyone is well.
made this quickie little christmassy plate this morning for a change, like the little fairy. She is from charmed cards and crafts, the fluffy stuff I had in my stash, the snowflakes were cut with a woodware large punch and then glamour dusted (love me glamour dust) then little papermania gems. Thanks everyone for visitng it makes my day huggies June xxxx

15 Jul 2009

Another plate

Good evening lovelies. Thought I would use another charmed download and do anoither plate, not as happy with this one as it hasnt photographed well and looks really pretty in real life,but you only got my word for that lol.

Its sunny here now but its been pouring, the british summer eh?

Anyway im rambling again he he. fairy from charmed cards and crafts, coloured with copics, leaves Leone em punch, glamour dust everywhere lol although it isnt showing and I wouldnt care I was ever so careful with me fine glue pen colouring all of the border neatly!!

Roses from stash and little dots were in my candy win from Lorelie, thanks darling I love them.

Back at work tomorrow I think, been off toay as my ear was going awol but seems a little bit better tonight. Thanks for visiting love and hugs from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

14 Jul 2009

Evening everyone, hope you have all had a nice weekend. aint it warm?? mind im not complaining. Ive got an ear infection boo hoo and it wrecks!! been to see doc and got a spray! ah well, keep it dry she says, how can you keep it dry with a wet spray I wonder mmmmm.
Well did this, I know its the fairy again but I adore this image so much, so had to plate her lol. hope you like her. Huggies from me and have a lovely evening......Juney xxxxxx

13 Jul 2009

Penny black

Good afternoon each!! hpe everyones ok, and I would love to know whos nicked the sun!! give it back, cos im gonna shrink with all this water about!!
Well this is a penny black image and I think its ever so cute awwwwww.
Coloured with copics, flowers from stash, nesties and leone-em punch for the leaves.
Well off to think about tea, hope you all have a good evening love and huggies from me and thankyou for visiting me im ever so grateful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

12 Jul 2009

Dotties world challenge OOh la la

Good morning everyone, well wht has happened to the summer! its gone from Blyth and we are having wonderful rain!!....not!
Well this weeks challeng on Dottie world is "Ooh la la" its my second week as guest designer, doesnt time fly whenyour enjoying yourself lol.
The 14th of July marks the French public holiday of Bastille Day so to join the French in their celebrations I would like us to make something with a French feel. It could be the image, it could be a french sentiment or it could just make you say Oh La La! It might even be just in red white and blue- the colours of the French flag, it's up to you! Just have fun!
Oh and don't forget to use one of the Charmed downloads!”
So this is my attempt. The image is from the world tour download from charmed cards and crafts, paper from stash, built the little rosetty thingy up from a punched flower, a crocheted flower, ribbon and a little metal bow. Button is my button punch, comes in handy! Hand drawn stitching, and use my martha stewart doiley punch. The image is coloured with polychromo pencils. Thanks all for visiting and I hope sunday for you is a tad brighter than here. Have a good one...........offf to iron huggies from me xxxxxxxx

6 Jul 2009

It's her again lol

Good evening evryone, hope you have had a nice day, here......well poured all day and still spitting now!! no toppy tan up arghh will have to go for the bottle of fake lol.
Well............I just had to do her in red, she was crying out to be done in red lol. Hope your not sick of her but I aodre this little image, I think its my all time favourite as she colours so easily. Card from stash, paper from eons ago!! papermania dots, silver fabric, nesties,and a red feather, oh and a sentiment I found lurking in the drawer. oops and the image is from charmed cards and crafts xThanks for looking and enjoy your evening, huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thistle in pom pom slippers lol

EEEh well........................I didnt have any thistles lol, but thought I would keep the colours. Image from charmed cards,nestie, maple leaves punched, papermania dots, flowers from the bottom of me plastic bag lol, and tesco pom poms, thanks for looking at me blog and I do really really hope the sun shines for you, its done off here, its bucketing down!! have alovely monday xxxxxxxxxxx

5 Jul 2009

Good evening , just thought I would put this card on before retiring to me pit!! yawn yawn.......but I have been up since four ugh!! hope everyones had a good day, its been raining here so no topy up tan today, but plenty ironing washing dishes etc!! Hope you like her, coloured with copics , bit glamour dust added to hair and wings,download from charmed cards and crafts, nesties, paper from stash and pink petticcoat. Thanks for visiting ......sleep well xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

My first card as guest designer at Dotties world

Top o the morning to everyone, hope your all well, This is my first card as guest designer at Dotties world, this weeks challenge is to take inspirtion from your garden , so I hope its ok, my garden is nothing like this as I have slabs lol. The image is from Charmed cards and crafts, pixie chicks digi stamp, shes called lily 2, the picket fence is also in the kit. I used card from stash, leaves and branches sent by me sis and I must have that punch!! papermania little gems, faux stitching and the little sun is just an acetate shape I found in me box with a pom pom added. Coloured with copics! go on girlies have a go, hope you all have a wonderful day and the sun shines for you, xxxxxxx

4 Jul 2009

Hiya everyone, hers a card I made with the charmed cards dowload. I love these little trixie fairies, a bit different for me but neverthless.
Card from stash, velevet ribbon from ideal world, leaves from me sis, must get that stamp, flowers another download digi stamp from charmed, comes with the digikit. Little beads papermania. Hope your enjoying your evening its pouring here in Blyth. Have a lovey weekend huggies from me xxxx

2 Jul 2009

Me big lad off to the prom

Hello everyone, hasnt it been a wonderful warm day, not that I have seen much of it mind you at work!! it was bloomin hot in the hospice!
Anyway my Chris waited till I got home to have a pic took, hes away to his prom in newcastle, 18 and 6 feet seven but a gentle lad, thanks for visiting me blog nd I hope you are all having a lovely evening huggies from me x