Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

14 Oct 2011

not a card but a coloured image

Hiya lovelies well I feel dire and couldnt be bothered to do anything so thought I would colour up a couple of images for when I can get back in my conservatory, this is one of them from saturated canary, was going to do pink but thought again, I think now it may be too drab but I can always do another, The back gardens now a bombsite waiting for the block paving lads returning in the morning. Hope you are all ok and dont have this dreaded lurgy, off to get my pjs on now, loads of love June x

Arghhh cold!!!

Good morning lovelies, sitting in the dark in the middle of the night its nice to know youare all out there.  I started to get cold yesterday and ive been up since two!! also have a mammoth coldsore, does anyone else have this cold as I havent been beside anyone with it. had to ring text my team leader as they wouldnt want me in, we have too many vulnerable patients in the hospice. so couldnt risk it,but I hate missing work. Aw well off for the paracetamol I hope everyone is well and have alovely weekend huggies from me xxxx ooh and I have only soil out of my back as the block pavers started yesterday!!!!!