Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

11 Apr 2014

Grad Ellie

Good morning lovely peeps, the sun is shining and Gods in his heaven, spring is here in northumberland this morning.
Well two cards in a row, this crafty room is getting well used!!This little card is made with "Grad Ellie, a little cutie from the Papernest dolls. I usually struggle with dark colours, but I thought she looked ok, what do you think. theres loads of layers lol, 
Shes coloured with copics, most of the flowers are wild orchid crafts I think but its such a long time since I could afford new craft stuff, I may be wrong lol.
I rolled and inked the edges of a little piece of paper to make a scroll.
Well on a downer a bit as the doc from occ health is coming to see me and I just have a feeling that I wont be going back to work, Im just not well enough. But hey ho we will take what life throws at us and get up eh?
Well I hope you all have a lovely day and I do hope the sun is shining on you like it is me
Loads of love and huggles and thanks for popping by, it really means a lot


10 Apr 2014

Dress up Ellie

Good morning lovely peeps, hope your waking up to a lovely morning, its nice and calm here no wind and dry!
Well Made this card for mothers day for The Paper Nest Dolls, She is a little cutie called "Dress up Ellie" aw and look at her lovely hat, shes so lovely.
I went with purple and yellow, coloured with copics, and I used frantage, the first ever time, well the second to be honest, but the first time it went all wrong! I was sitting trying to heat it, when it just wouldnt melt and had nearly given up, when I suddenly realisled I was using a hairdryer instead of a heat gun, yes my hair dryer is exactly the same shape and sixe!!! duh never mind it all worked out in the end lol.
Well I have occ health coming here to see me on friday, so I dare say this is make or break time for going back to work, But im still having lots of problems, so I can nearly guess what he will say,anyhow will keep an open mind.
Soooo me lovlies, have a great day, whatever your doing, and I hope the sun shines for you.
Thankyou for popping by it means a lot,
Big huggies from me

5 Apr 2014

Easter box

Hello me lovelies been having a play this afternoon with a little box lol.
My mam s on a diet, so I thought for easter I would do something different, she loves pretty pretty stuff lol, and so inside I have put two mini eggs and a mini bar of choccy, she cant tell me off for that!!!
I started with lace then more lace then ribbon and then pearls etd, I have now used up all my pearl stock, so if anyone knows where to get string of pearls on the internet I would be eternally grateful.
I maymake one for myself yet lol. 
Didnt know if it showed better on a dark background or a light one, so did both,
I hope everyone is fit and well, and enjoying the lighter nights, it cheers you up when it isnt as dark as early me thinks.
Well off for me tea, hope everyone has alovely evening whatever your doing and thanks for popping by it really means a lot,
loads of love from me 

2 Apr 2014

Angel Ellie

EEEh helloooo me lovlies, well can you believe it, two cards in two days, hey im on a roll lol.
Ive got my own litttle crafty space in the garage now so my crafting wardrobe has gone in there and its great, apart from it being cold!!!! but I wear a coat so no harm done!

This cute little angel is called "Angel Ellie" you can get her from "The Papernest Dolls! I loved colouring her in these sepia colours, she such a little cutie!.
Heres a little pic of me crafting wardrobe in the garage, may not be as posh as peoples craft rooms but hey ho, its mine lol and no one elses, saves me getting everything out in the conservatory and having to put it all back again, I can leave a mess if I want to he he.

Well heres hoping the rain stopped for you all, it was terrible here yesterday, yuk roll on summer.
Have a lovely day whatever you decide to do, and thanks so much for popping by it really means a lot,
big huggies and love from me

1 Apr 2014

Ballgown Ellie

Helooo me lovelies, well hope everyone is fit and well. Its torrential rain here today ugh, never mind the gardens need it I suppose lol!!!
Well this is Ballgown Ellie from "The Paper Nest Dolls", isnt she so glamorous. I  love this little image.
Shes coloured with copics . now you all know what im like for listing things I use in my cards, and yes ive gone and done it again, eeek whats new, I must write lists.
I do know here dress was coloured with R01, R02. R05, and R59
Hair is E40, E41, E42, E43 and E44.
The big brown roses are prima and the others are wild orchid crafts with a few rose shaped buttons which I had in my stash many moons ago, I know that for definate as ive never had any new stuff for eons lol.
Well I do hope you like it.
Im waiting now to see if I go back to work or not after a year of being poorly, and im still not sorted, so its looking bleak!!!
I hope everyone has a lovely day whatever your doing, and stay dry or take an extra large umbrella, cos you will need one today.
 Thanks so much for popping by it means a lot, loads of love from me