Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

5 Apr 2009

Case is packed!!!

Well thats it!! me case is packed and i'm heading for me sis's in the morning, hope you will be there to meet me lol!!!

Got all me ugly pills books sweets sarnies crisps , i pod, camera, spare batteries (well it is four hours on the too too!!!

So see you all wednesday night, we are gonna have some fun, have a happy sunday! xx
Oh and mines not pink (its a kind of murky tartan) So bit of a let down really!) xx
Oh and Sue.................................I deserve the red carpet never mind the ruddy welcome mat, now stop bein a meany!!! he he heheheheheheheheh x


sassy said...

hahahhaha!!!!! what yer like...havent stopped giggling at yer post.....yer beds on standby...route planned..craft room tydy...well it will be the welcome mat out loo roll installed...clean towels and guest soap...and my phones on charge lol!!!! see yer at the station...please dont get on the wrong train......loves yer sis sassyxxx

June said...

I wont!!!! just look for the crane pmsl xxxxx

sassy said...

when yer up a 5 you can stamp to yer hearts content lol!!!!!told yer to play while im sleeping hehe....theres lots to find to play wiv sis.....annd will leave the promarkers out home is your home....but no sneaking into bed wiv me and andy lol!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamond Doll said...

Hey you two have a fab time i,m sure yer will.
Don,t forget to visit me ole blog just once anyway while yer there!!!!.
Enjoy yourselves.
Trish (-:

Denise said...

Thanks for entering my candy & good luck. Hope your enjoying yourself at your sis's.Denise x

Linda said...

Hi June, have a great time a Sue's.