Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

31 May 2009

Good evening lovely bloggers, sorry dont have a card for to put on my blog this evening. Just wanted to say hope you have ahd a wonderful day in the sunshine, its been scorching here and im burned!! ah ha but wait till it turns brown..................................then I shed my skin like a snake lol grrrr.

Anyway this is me and me lovely mum whos my best freind in the entire world shes my angel. Had a barbecue today so thats why I look a clip!! lol. Have a good evening. ooh double helping of Benidorm...........oooeerr I do love benidorm. Nighty night xxxxxxx


Susie Sugar said...

How lovely to see you and your mum in the sun having fun (oh that rhymes !! lol) looks like you had a great time I hope the BBQ was tasty
Hugs Susie xx

sassy said...

hi sis and adopted mum...cooooey im waving im over here.....wheres me sausage aw wish i could have got burned with you ..the sausage not me lol!!! was scorcher here 35 mins i was turning a nice shade of red lol...especially me nose..its the nearest thing tothe sun hahahha lovely picci...lvs yer sassyxxxxxxxxxx

Ruth said...

Hi June, that's a lovely photo! I'm glad you enjoyed your barbie but I saw the photos of all the sausages and burgers on Docrafts and I hope there were more folk than just your mum and you to eat it all!!!(only joking!) Ruth x

Sue said...

Hi June, Happy Monday to you, what a lovely piccie of you and your Mum, ooh sounds like you had a fab time, I am red and freckly then I will go white again!!Lol, oh to be bronze!! Have a lovely day, Hugs Sue xx

Cass said...

Lovely photo of you and your mum June.Sounds like you had a fab day.It's great when you can get the BBQ out.
Cass xxx