Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

24 Jun 2009

Hellooooo all me blogging buddies, well sorry no card, but a pic of me tonight on the beach instead of mum. I had a day off due to the fact you can't drive for twenty four hours after that midazalam (dont know why cos im fine) but never mind do as im told, So it was lovely down the beach except that on the way home at 5 little gizmo the littlest of my yorkies stood on a bee and hence a vets visit and 29 quid for an injection.....tell a lie 6 for the injection and 23 for a consultation!!!!! what a joke eh, and its 60 for their boosters on monday!!!.........anyone want two yorkies lol (only joking wouldnt part with them they are me boys!!!) but gizzy been sick twice and hes not a happy little soul bless him, Anyway hello from blyth beach hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine today xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


sassy said...

wanna come live wiv i can take the boys for walkies...and we all can limp together eh!!!!what a bummer on the results...well you know what i mean....its good but bad you know what im trying to say sis....and ive seen you wrecked withthe loves yer wish icould mend you...and the boys and then me lol!!!!! always my love sassyxxxxxxxx buttieful picci xxxxx

Cass said...

Hope everything went ok at the hospital June.Lovely photos both of you and your mum.
Cass xxx

Jackie said...

Lovely photographs June, how lucky you are living so close to the beach :o)
Jackie xx

My Paper Adventures said...

Hi June! Please swing on by my blog to find out some news. You'll be glad you did!


Susie Sugar said...

Great photos June , what a cute little doggy you have soooooooooooo sweet xx