Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

30 Jun 2009

Me son in his band

Good morning lovely bloggers, where have you hidden the sun!! I know the likkle raindrops are playing hide and seek..grrrrrr!! and heres me hoping to top up me tan after stripping the beds lol.
Well me middle lad was playing at ashington fair on sunday, and I had never seen them before (he wouldnt let me go) but I managed, and he wasnt too embarrased, but yes it would happen!! the p.a system was shorting and they were getting electric shocks!! so after three songs, back to fillling up the trailer with gear again!! never mind I managed to catch one little snap of him through the crowds. Hope you all have a lovely day whatever your doing, im back at work tomorrow ugh, and I just know the sun will shine, in all its glory!!! happy tuesday xxxxxx


sassy said...

aw...proud mum or what...shame about the speakers have mail...and yes approved the card....speak soon sis lvs yer sassyxxxxx

Susie Sugar said...

Bless , its great to be a proud mum
Love Susie xx