Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

4 Jun 2009


Good morning everyone, sorry havent done a card, but look what I got yesterday, its not my birthday for another week but my australian friend wouldnt have wanted them to be late.....................Orchids arent they beautiful. We used to holiday with them in bangkok and they used to come over every year to england until health declined. and Imiss them so much. So margaret sent these with memories of bangkok , I hope thye last until next week, just wish I had a narrower vase to present them properly, anyway im sharing the beautiful colour with you all and hope you have a lovely day....................Im off to work bye for now xx


sassy said...

beautiful they will last.......and i sent you both the punches in the branches im sure i did........they are the best pucnches evr.....the detail is fab..spek soon lvs yer sassyxxx

** Irene ** said...

Hello June

What fabulous flowers, from a very kind friend.
Birthday wishes for next week as I will be on holiday.


Sue said...

Hi June, Oh you do make me laugh so much, I was up late and up early today and when I read your message it did put a smile on my face, ha I always run out of words for your cards too!! think we might have to come up with a code if we run out of words like, ROOWBTCIJTFFW (Can you work it out)?? ha ha...Run out of words because this card is just too fab for words ha what do you think?? Anyway these flowers are just so beautiful, what vibrant colours, enjoy them, Big Hugs Sue xx

Susie Sugar said...

Thay are beautiful June
Hugs Susie xx

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful June, enjoy,
Love Sue x

Linda said...

Hi June, what beautiful flowers, lovely. hugs lin x

Cass said...

Gorgeous orchids June.What a lovely gift from your friend.You must have lots of fab memories.
Cass xxx