Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

28 Jul 2009

Another award from Tracey the little darlin

Hi everyone im over the moon , my freind and wonderful crafter Tracey has awarded me this for a beutiful blog aint she so kind, I have to pass it on to ten people but I don tknow how to link their names to the list so that you go to their blog, told you I was thick. no cards today, My M.e. has never been as bad this last few days and its my holidays, although I was going to go into work friday I have had to cancel, so just popped on and am going back to bed,never mind eh things can only get better and this award surely cheered me up, thanks daring your a little treasure, and for me sis, Ihope everything went ok, I will mail when I get the cance love you, thanks for visitng me blog, huggies June xxxx


Avril Ann said...

June congratualtions on you award, much deserved, I am sorry your ME is playing up. I think the weather is the culprit, I usually look forward to a remission in my fibromyalgia, but this has not happened this summer...GR. That is why blogging so is great, you feel like you get out and meet friends from your own Armchair...hope you are better soon my friend. lots of hugs Avril xx

Christine said...

Hi June many congrats on your award, sorry your not feeling well, like Avril says blame the weather. My sciatica & arthritis is crippling me at mo.

take care keep snug hugs Christine xxxx