Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

18 Aug 2009


Hello me lovelies, firstly can I say "Minnie me" you dont want distress inks lol.

Can someone give me a clue on how to go on with these bloomin distress inks! thi sis my first attempt, but how do you distress the background do you do it before or after, and do you wait until one layer of ink is dry or wet or bla bla bla im fed up and feel like putting the lot in the bin!!! any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou, One day they may be good enough to go on a card...................................maybe I will stick to polychromos and copics lol thanks everyone, look forward to some tips have alovely afternoon, im back at work tomorrow after being on the sick for a month, well im 55% and getting there. loves ya all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ooh and why does the paper go all wibbly wobbly and do you iron it lol xx


Cass said...

Hi June.I'm not much help with the distress inks as I've only used the a few times for colouring.Your image looks fabby to me though.Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better.
Cass xxx

stephanne said...

Ok June, I am going to send you on a wild goose chase, but you will be happy you did!!
Mary Giemza has a great tutorial that you can check out, and be sure to check out other tuts and her blog, you will fall in love!! Kim Piggott gave this tutorial for Magnolia 2 and it is also fab. Kim's blog is amazing, she will illustrate the use of distress inks in a whole new light.
Don't give up!! Once you get the hang of them, there is no turning back!! The colour saturation and control of depth is too brilliant to stand!! Good luck, and by the way, your Mo image looks beautiful!! And I layer while still wet, distress once it's dry, that's just what I do when I've got patience enough to use distress inks.

Jackie said...

I can't help with the distress inks either, but she looks fine to me :o)
Jackie xx

Rachel F said...

I love distress inks and looks like you did a FANTASTIC job already! I wait till my image is dry and then distress my background. The paper does go a bit wobbly but not to much perhaps you need to have a heavier weight water colour paper (you are using water colour paper right?)because once you stick it on a card it is all good!
Hope that helps a little feel free to e-mail me for anything I can help with!

Tracey said...

june hurry up and sort your little wobbly problem out.

its looking great though.I just about to email you.

loads of love minnie me xxxx

** Irene ** said...

Fantastic image and colouring June. Please
don't gieve up with the distress inks.


June Houck said...

Hi, June! How nice to "meet" another June that is young (except I'm a Libra; I was born in October.)

I saw your name on another blog and I had to come "see" your creations. I love your blog! I will be following you; your creations are gorgeous. Sorry, I don't have any advice for you on distress inks. Your image looks fab to me :)

Cheryl said...

Hi June - love your blog! I just added you to the Blog Roll over at the Card Universe!


Hi June
Was going to suggest Kim Piggott but I see someone else got there before me! Hope you've had time to take a look. Your card is lovely anyway, even without the tutorial.
Sylvia x

sam said...

I can't help with the inks either hun as i don't even have any (sob sob)but it's a fab card. Thanks for becoming one of my followers but somehow I've managed to lose your comment,it was there - knowing me I clicked the wrong button accidentally.
Anyway take care and keep on with the inks as it really looks fab
Sam x

Anne said...

Lovely card, bet you're having fun with your Distress Inks now, this looks great!