Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

5 Sep 2009

Two of me new images coloured in

Good evening me lovlies, hope you have had a nice saturday.

Well thought I would have a doodle after getting everything done and ive had a mega busy day.Starting with bathing my yorkies at 6 you dont want to know why! heres two of me new images.I coloured them in this time as someone has pinched my images so ive been told and they are on a blog, and its not me sis, cos she is allowed, no but joking aside its not fair, so ive coloured these two ready for a card, do you think they are too old fashioned??

thanks for visiting and your always so kind to me about my cards. I hope you al have a lovely weekend, huggies from me xxxxx


Christine said...

Hi June gorgeous images & fab colouring.. I did say a while back to water mark your images when you showed them on yer blog b...... thieves.

hugs Christine xx

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

Hi Junie babe, What fabulous drawings you have here...I like both of them and you are so the little Dutch girl as she reminds me of Holland! I can't believe someone would be so dishonest as to steal your images...that's just horrible and whoever it is should be ashamed of themselves. You definately need to watermark all your work, it only takes a few mins to do, but will save you any aggrevation. So sorry to hear that though! If I found out who it was I'd give them a piece of my mind that's for sure!
Your work is gorgeous though, keep it up and I can't wait to see more!
Hugs from across the pond,

sassy said...

hiya glad you stated it not me lol!!!!!and if i ever come across the b*******s well id tell em what for too....and im so glad you coloured them sis there bloomin first glance i thought she'd peed her pants lol!!!! but its awful wiv no decent forgive me ...but it was funny...and i must send that wee card i made for you on got buried under me stash ooops soz sis and i did return yer mail....just so you know who loves yer!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsasy

Tracey said...

Hiya xxxx
oh i so love your images and the way you have coloured them are just perfect june. I cant believe some one would be so horrid to do that to you your such a darling. Has made me upset for you.You work so dam hard.

all my love minnie me. xxx

Craft-Tea-Anna said...

Hi June, I've just discovered your fabulous gallery on the Docrafts website and thought I'd visit! - Gorgeous work! As a teacher I loathe 'plagiarism' - I think its awful someone used your images - they are wonderful! anna xx

Mandy said...

Hey hun, they are both gorgeous and I don't think they are old fashioned,& you have coloured them beautifully. I can't believe someone would stoop so low as to pinch your pics B******s! Look on it from another point if view hun if they weren't so beautiful nobody would steal them, and definately watermark all your creations, love and hugs Mandy

Anonymous said...

Wow June these are beautiful,
Sue x

Jackie said...

They look gorgeous June, you are one talented lady :o)
I agree with Many, do watermark you uncoloured images before you put them on public view as there are many unscrupulous people out there!
Jackie xx

sam said...

June thats terrible hun! You really must watermark your stuff like one of the other ladies said previously and no I don't think they are old fashioned at all. They are brilliant babes and keep up the good work.
Sam x

Janette said...

Hi June,Fab images,you are soooo talented,sorry to see that someone has been stealing them,I agree with everyone else,you must watermark crafter worth there salt would do this,it's disgusting,hugs Janette.x

** Irene ** said...

Hello June

Fabby images and coloured to perfection.
June, you are so talented, please watermark all your gorgeous creations.