Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

19 Nov 2009

Me big lad

Hi lovely blogging freinds, sorry no card im in too much pain but dont worry theres worse than me I keep saying! This is me eldest son on his way to a managers do, he isnt a manager but I think they are priming him as he has ben the only employee asked to go also, eeh im soo proud of him, I hope you all have alovely evening, huggies an dlove from me oops excusre the dogs yorkshire pud on the rug lol xxxxxxx


Sue said...

Wow so you should be proud of him June, what a lovely lad he looks too. You are funny with your Yorkshire Pud, ha ha, made me laugh, your gorgeous house and no one would have noticed till you said something ha ha, Big Hugs Sue xx

Neenie said...

Fab photo, June! He looks really smart, hope he enjoyed himself. Sorry to hear you're in too much pain to make a card - it must be really bad, hon. I hope you can get it sorted out soon - I'm missing your fab creations!x :)

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Fab picture June!! He looks very smart...I'm sure he'd make a great manager! :)
So sorry to hear the pain is getting the better of you hun...sending HUGE hugs, and hope that you feel a bit better soon xxx

Avril Ann said...

AWE June Hunny, I am sorry that you are in pain, I think the wather is upsetting us at the minute.....Your Son is so handsome, no wonder you are proud off him, don't they clean up good. Take care my dear friend. Hugs Avril xxx

sassy said...

hi sis i wanna hug yer bless you...i sent mail....and boy he scrubs up well i know how proud you are of the kids and he does you yer sassyxxxxx

Sarah said...

WoW how tall is he, bet he towers over you. Looks really smart, has he got all the girls queing at the door?

Hope your feelin better soon, big hugs Sarah x

P.S What you doin givin the dog yorkshire puds, I could have had it!

Irene said...

Hello June

What a handsome youg man - you must be so proud.
Hope you are feeling better, take care of youself.


Christine said...

Wow what a handsome chap break someones heart..LOL didnt see the pudd till you pointed it out..Ha ha..hope your feeling a bit better????

Hugs Christine xx

Mel X said...

You've every reason to feel proud June - he's a strapping lad - scrubs up well too! He looks every inch the manager!

Mel X