Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

19 Jan 2010

No card Tuesday!!

Hello all you lovely pals. well I just thought I would pop in and say hello, but I dont have any cards to put on cos its so cold in the conservatory I couldnt stand it!!, so sorry its me ugly mug, but couldnt even find a pic of an old card, lost some discs I think!!, Well I hope you are all ok, and im trying to catch up looking at everyones blogs, I will get around to you all. Stay well and safe, loads of love from me , oh and Ihad me hair cut into loads of layers today, it looks quite short but the back of it is four inches longer lol, ignore the face look at the haircut he he xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Irene said...

Hello June

You are so brave putting a photo of yourself on your blog, and what a great one too. Love the hair.

Know what you mean about conservatories.

take care


Christine said...

Hi June hope your keeping OK??? this weather HAS to get warmer sometime?? take care see you soon.

Hugs Christine xx

Sarah said...

A lovely photo. Your is hair is gorgeous - you'd suit it shorter too. Hugs Sarah x

Sarpreet said...

lovely to hear from you

Julie said...

A lovely photo June, hope you are well.

Tara said...

Your hair looks really lovely June, you look gorgeous!
Stay warm, hugs Tara xx

Gunn (Merete) said...

Hello to you too, June.
Great photo and the face is pretty. Your hair looks fab, me like.
Hope you are ok. When it is to cold to make cards you can do other things you like instead. So it is always a bright side to it.
I send you a big warm hug, maybe that helps.:-)
Hugs Gunn :-D


Hi June - you look fabulous - love the hair, and there's nothing wrong with the face! Wait till you get to my age - I've just updated my profile photo and I look like an old cabbage patch doll!!
Thank goodness the snow is disappearing - hope your conservatory is getting warmer.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Kim Piggott said...

Great to hear from you June!
It is so great when you get a new hair do it looks fabulous!
Hope it warms up for you soon!
kim x

Sue from Oregon said...

Always a big step to get a new hairdo, but I have to say it does look lovely!

scrappyjan said...

Hello June, You are a beauty!!! Great hair cut for you...... such a sweetie smile you have..
hope it warms soon..
hugs, Janiel

Ann said...

what a brill photo - really nice to see who people are. Maybe one day I will be brave enough.
Ann xxx

Dawn B. said...

Your photo is beautiful. I am off to get my hair cut today..It is a big step for me. Yours is gorgeous...Take care.

Crafty Linda said...

You look GREAT to me and the hair look brill! Keep warm, but can't wait for warmer weather and new cards!
Take care Linda x

Janette said...

June your gorgeous...what you on about....the hair is stunning to....stay well.x

Mel X said...

Gorgeous hairdo June, it looks so rich and lush

Mel X