Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

19 Jul 2011

Disaster and a new puppy

Hi everyone hope you are all ok, we are a little shaken this morning, Had a car accident last night, a motorbike hit us full on and wrote my sons car off. My uncle was stretchered off to hospital, me and my daughter went home and have sore burned necks from the seatbelts but are ok. My poor sons car, we had just been and bought a new yorkie puppy, number three to add to our doggies, and then this hit, we are so lucky to be here still, hope you didnt mind me posting this, thanks for popping by hope you all have lovely tuesday xxxxx


Made by Mandy said...

OMG June, you were so lucky that no one was killed, head on collisions are so dangerous. I really do think some motorbike riders are the most dangerous people on the roads, especially if it more rural. They go too fast and come over too far on the wrong side of the road. I do hope your uncle will be okay and I am sure you and your daughters necks will be sore for a few days but that's a small price to pay. Keeping fingers crossed the driver had insurance so your son can get a claim in for his car.

On a better note though how cute is your new little puppy. I adore Yorkshire Terriers. My parents had a miniature one for a long time and when I left home I missed Suzi far more than I did them. Hubby hates animals so I have to content myself with drooling over lovely pictures.

Lots of love Mandy xxx

P.S you'll have to change your about me blurb now to include new little pooch :)

Rachel F said...

Wow that was a lucky escape! Glad you are all alive and ok - good luck with the puppy!

angelwhispers said...

My word it must have hit you with some force June that is one dint!!!!

Sorry for late comment but I hope you are all ok!!

Love the new Puppy he looks adorable!! Chanelle xx

rosie said...

flippin heck June!!! hope you are all okay. that must have been some force it hit you with.

gorgeous little puppy!! can I come and play with him LOL
take care hun and hope to see you soon x

Sarpreet said...

I hope everything is ok, and i am so sorry to hear

Janette said...

OMG June, thankfully your all OK, what a shocker, it must have hit with some force hun, hope the cyclist was ok too.....on a brighter note, hows the new pup doing, poor little thing must have wondered what the heck was going on....take care.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Christine said...

Wow June just read of your accident hope things are better for you all now??? am having loads of blogger issues so sorry for not seeing this post..even my piccy has gone from your followers list with the browser I'm using..flipping techo.. have just read your question re Noir markers I too have bought some not used the colours are dif from copics....take a look at for some great info..if you still want some I have decided I dont NEED them got to much stuff to colour with as it is..send me an email if your interested..I have 4 pks of dif. colours 24 pens in all.

smiles Christine xx

Jak Heath said...

Oh June you are so wrong, mine is definitely not better, yours is gorgeous