Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

29 Sep 2011

Malware on my blog!!!!!

Hello lovelies, im gutted, a couple of peeps have said when they visit my blog it comes up with a warning about malware!!!!! Well I have removed the last two things I put on the sicebar and a background hoping this will fix it, otherwise im beat, would anyone know what to do, im upset now!!!!!!! thanks so much have alovely day, Oh and apparently the malware threat is from sshhcreations blogspot, I dont know who this is!!! xxxx


Alessandra said...

Don't know what this could have been, but I don't think that it is the background, 'cause then the warning would have popped up ages ago, wouldn't it? I never had problems with your blog, but I have a good anti-viruses-program (or however you say that in English...).
Don't worry too much about that, Hun!
Take care, Alessandra

Tammy said...

I've never had a problem either babes. I wouldnt worry....put your background back couldnt have been that! Hugs xx

coops said...

i can see your blog ok hun but have the same with people saying i have a malware warning on mine.the thing that has worked for me is to remove my bloglist for now :D

xx coops xx

Sue from Oregon said...

All okay over here in the USA June!

Chris said...

Hi June and I'm happy that I'm here, no warning :) and I'm glad all is well now. Hugs, Chris x

Christine said...

Hi June awww dont be upset I am getting the warning on a number of blogs so dont worry its not yours causing the probs..

smiles Christine x