Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

14 Feb 2012

Big computer problems

Hi lovelies, I am apologising if I dont get around to your blogs for a while, as my main desktop has gone off, and I have to wait until I can afford to get someone to fix it. With it are all the saturated canary images ive bought which total about 20 0dd, all my christmas photos infact my life is in that pc. I may not get to post my DT work so apologies there too. Im so down with this, wish I was rich!! im using my daughters laptop to type this, so dont know when I will be back online, but as soon as I get the pennies I shall return. Until then keep up the beautiful work, loads of love and huggies from me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Ageeth Holster said...

Sorry to hear June, wish you lots of succes and keep it cool!
See you hopefully very soon,
Bye bye Ageeth xx

Vicky said...

Hi my sweetie can you e-mail me when you get the chance please hun or when you are on your daughters lappy next.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Tammy said...

Oh no! Terrible news. Hope you are up and running quickly!

Jackie said...

OMG June, what a tragedy :o( I do hope you manage to get it sorted very soon.....hugs
Jackie xx

Denise and Louise said...

Oh so sorry to hear about your sick laptop. Really hope you manage to get it sorted soon - know what its like not to have enough pennies :0(
Denise xx

Cindy2 said...

Hope you're up and running again soon, I'll miss you.

Rebekah said...

Oh No June I hope things get sorted soon for you! Feel free to e mail me at so I ca help you out with anything I can hugs Rebekah xx

heidy said...

So sorry to hear about your problem June,hope things get sort out real soon!
Will miss you!
Hugs Heidy

Diamond Doll said...

Oh No June this is bad news, all those lovely images.I always copy mine to a cd just in case this happens.Hope you get it sorted and you havent lost them all.
Trish (-:

Magda said...

Dear june,
I am so sorry. Hope to see you soon.
If you would live nearby I would ask my family to help you with your computer problem.

Colinda said...

Sorry to hear about your computer!!
One's it's broken we realise how much we're using it and that we can't live without it anymore!!
Hope to here from you soon. Big hugs, Colinda


Hi June, I sure hope you get it fixed hun! I'm sure you probably tried this, but do you have system restore? Or go back? Hugs! Leah Ann

Julie said...

So sorry you'r having PC probs, June! Just when I was managing to a bit of bloghopping too, Just off for a peek of your posts, pre meltdown! Hope you get connected soon, hugs till then, Juliexx

Alice Wertz said...

so sorry to hear about your computer problem. i hope you get it fixed soon! big hugs!