Benji Gizmo and Missy

Benji Gizmo and Missy

16 May 2012

No one wants a moaner.

Hello me lovely pals, well wont go into detail as im in quite alot of pain and I know you wouldnt believe it from the photo but thats what fibro and M.E and gastric problems do, make you look like nothings wrong with you, whe inside you feel terrible, but like the title dont want to moan cos then everyone thinks your a misery guts and I dont wanna be one of those!!! I took Stephen to the woodhorn colliery museum, this morning, its only 8 miles from me, and its really a good day out,mind we were only there an hour, but theres some great stuff to see, including this miner having a wash!!...........................well I had to didnt I !!!!! have a great evening whatever your doing, sending me biggest huggies to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Linda Claxson said...

Oh I believe you. I also suffer the unseen pain of Fibro and IBS alongside Narcolepsy.
We get up and function because what else can we do! And because we appear to be 'functioning' it can be hard for other people to understand just how debilitating these problems really are.
I'm sending a cyber hug and healing thoughts to you.

Take care


Stamps and Paper said...

June sorry to here you are having a bad time at the moment ...I have a friend who suffers like you do so i do understand even through you look a picture of health...sending you a big bloggy hug,
Great pictures...


Exclusively by Mel said...

Hi lovely,
You moan all you want, I think it does us good to write it down sometimes. I don't know much about fibro? but it must be very difficult to get people to understand your pain when you look so healthy.
Not a pretty site, that miners bum!!
Made me laugh though ;)
Love,melly. xxx


Oooh June - does my b*m look big in this?!! I'm hoping it wasn't a real live Miner?!!!

Throughout all the pain, you have a lovely smile, and a great sense of humour. You're an inspiration.
{{{Hugs}}}, Sylvia xxx

Alessandra said...

hahahahaaaaa laughed so loud!!! That could be me in the pic, always up to something silly :o) like touching a strangers bum-bum!! You really look darn good, where the hell are the men that should wait in line for having a date with my lovely pal???????????? the all must be blind and dumb.... if I were male I would hunt you :o))))))))))) then lock you in somewhere until you agreed to be mine forever!
Take care, Sweetie, hope your pain will fade and then get lost, nasty thing it is!
Big hugs, Alessandra

Denise and Louise said...

You keep on moaning all you want - we don't mind. Being in so much pain - sometimes you have to let it out!! Don't know how you manage to keep on smiling (and such a lovely smile too).

Love the photos - made me giggle :0)

Take care of yourself - hugs, hugs and more hugs.
Denise xx

Jackie said...

Fantastic photograph June, you look so good, sucha shame you are in so much pain...hugs
Re. what do I do with my photographs. Have you got PSP11? If so then I may be able to help but I am not very good at instructions. I hust do it without thinking, but when I have to tell someone how then I struggle :o)
Jackie xx

sassy said...

this is a bit spookey i know my sweet that things ant good and as you say if peeps cant see it theres nowt wrong..i know its hard and as you do so try and get above all these things its so good to see you in the picci i do miss you....and i wanna give you a huge gentle hug..and make you better and i too would benifit from a hug or two my stenosis is back.. my dpression is at a all time low with paranoia..and when on a hospital visit tuesday had tests back and your never gonna guess what the dr said...he thinks i too have mild to moderate ME...gees i told him of me sis(you) and he thought you were me real sis and he said it can run in families lol!!!!didnt have the heart to put him right...i have had loads off tests loads are ok he says they show normal but my body temp is very low..then goes manic and my muscle weakness is quite bad...amongst a list of stuff .so reckon you and me are more like each other than we always this post is so spooky....i have some more test next wednesday and im on the sick for two weeks at a time anyway whos moaning ,,me is ..sorry if i have been sharp with you at any point im just not me..but i still loves yer sassyxxxxxx tried mailing you but dunno it keeps sending it back sorry to pop this here xxxxxxxxxx

McCrafty's Cards said...

I saw this picture of you being your ol cheeky self and thought how lovely to see you smiling, and it reminded me of you and Sassy together, then I read her message here, I know exactly what you mean and how you feel, I am sending big gentle hugs and lots of healing thoughts.
Kevin xx

emma mitchell said...

Ah June you look so happy with your beautiful smile ,so sorry you are having a bad time of it at the moment . Moan all you want it's good to let things out . Love visiting your blog
Take care
Hugs Emma xx

Carole of Brum said...

Know exactly what you mean, June, and it's not moaning it's sharing. you look gorgeous, petal, a really lovely couple of photos. I did wonder what was going on in that first photo before I read your post!!!! LOL. So much of disability and disabling illness is invisible, and that makes it harder for well people to understand, so maybe your post will help people to realise that just because someone looks well it doesnt mean that they are, or that they go home and don't suffer horribly afterwards. Feel better soon, gentle hugs coming your way. CoB

heidy said...

Your not moaning sweetie,you just said what you feel,we all do!
I have a nice with fibro and son with ADHD,so I know what your mean!
Sending the biggest cyber hugs ever your way !!!!

Lorraine said...

Sometimes you need to have a good old moan, and if you can't do it with us then who can you moan to??!!
I'm sorry you're in so much pain June.The photo's look great and you have the most gorgeous smile!
Sending you a big hug.
Lorraine xx

Mette said...

You bad girl - leave the poor man's bum alone hehe.
Hope you are feeling better. I don't know how bad you are suffering as I don't have the illness but I am sure it must be terrible. My stepmum suffers from Lupus and the pain is killing her :(.
At least you can still smile which is a good sign (you have a sense of humour which even pain can't destroy). Sending you HUGE BEAR HUGS sweetie

Elaine Stark said...

Your photos are fabulous. We are all ears so just say how you feel. Hope things pick up soon. Elaine

Annie said...

you go ahead and have a good moan - you know there's lots of us ME folk about in the crafty blog world and we know how it is. Sending you gentle hugs and orders to take it easy. love and hugs, annie x

Magda said...

Dear june,
I am sorry to hear that you have these problems.
I'll think of you and take good care of yourself!!!!
Enjoy every beautiful moment!
Have a lovely week

Anonymous said...

Lol, fab photo June! I know what you're going through as my daughter has ME and fibro.With two little girls to look after she really struggles at times and is in constant pain. I was told last year that 'all my problems' were due to me having fibro but I don't suffer like some people do so I'm not convinced I have it - I think it's more old age with me, lol!

Hope you feel some relief soon.

Viv's Visuals said...

Flippin eck Juney! Me eyes nearly popped out of me head when I saw the first pic!!! LOL Glad you had a nice day - I been to Trentham gardens today - met Mobunny and her OH - it's becoming a three times a year meet up place!!!!

Colinda said...

Love your picture!! I think you must be counting down the days until you can see your docter. Hope he can help you to relieve your pain. Big hug, Colinda

angelwhispers said...

Well I saw the post on tonight I clicked and there was nothing coming up so frustrating when I needed to see the picture properly!!!

You look lovely on your pictures June such a happy lovely lady so I'm so sorry to read how bad your health is at the moment and you really do put on a such a happy front!

Sending you loads of love and hugs moan all you want too June its a good outlet and no one to judge you just to listen!! Love Chanelle xxx

Loopylou. said...

huge huge hugs my lovely, hope you are feeling better soon and I totally love the picture of you, you look gorgeous
huge hugs Lou xxxx

xxxtglxxx said...

See, I never thought it was moaning at all :) In fact what you are doing is helping raise awareness. I had no idea about these illnesses. And you are right, if people cant see it, then they have no idea what you are living through each day.

My dad was born with 2 perforated eardrums, which has driven him mad all his life, suffering with earache, balance problems and deafness and no one knew when he was a boy. He always said if he had a limp, or a scar then people would know what was wrong.

No one judges, but you are right if you put on a brave face then no one knows your good days from your bad either.

thanks for sharing, I think in blogland we are all here for each other, and much of it is about sharing part of our lives too :)

Take care hun, big hugs,


Joey said...

Awww hunny biggest of hugs to you, I wish people could be more tolerant and much more understanding of these unseen illness and disabilties, just because its not visual doesnt mean its not there, Have it all the time with my son, drives me insane! Joey xx

Tammy said...

Sending you good thoughts and prayers! Glad you explained the picture, I was wondering!!

Desire Fourie said...

Not a moaner at all - it makes bearing pain a little easier, by just sharing your feelings. Love the bum scratch ha ha ha.
DS4J DT Member
Doing Life

Sue from Oregon said...

What a wonderful picture of you June. Obviously you do not let your illness get you down, out and about despite it all. I have to say you have the prettiest hair!!! In our family we call those little funny bunny pinches "shark bites"! A little funny we got from Hawaii!

coops said...

lol brilliant pics june.isn`t that miner`s bum dirty, no wonder he needs a
you keep on talking about whatever you feel hun, a true friend will always listen, take care and keep on at the doctors.

xx coops xx

Stella said...

Hi June,
First, your NOT a moaner and second it's very nice to see pictures of you and you look absolute not a woman of 50 !!!
Big hug,Stella
(btw i'm 46 LOL )

Elise said...

Hi June! Awwww sweetie .. I'm so sorry that you have to go through so much pain .. I wish you well. And don't forget .. we're all here for you whenever you need to talk about things. We will always listen with a loving heart. :) Well you pic made me giggle!!! How funny!!!!! hahaha!!! :)

Vicky said...

Hey my sweetie you are not moaning lady you are here talking to your blogger friends sharing your good days & your bad days & we are here to listen. I was once told that its for crafting a blog is....what a load of cack.....there are no do's or dont's, there are no rules & you will always find out your true friends the ones who really care shug & they are the ones that will always listen & never judge.
If EVER EVER you need to talk sweetie I'm up the road I completey understand & know how you are feeling hun & its shoite it really is.....

As for your piccies they are fab hunni. Now shall I tell you something really bad.... This colliery is what about 15 mins away from me, its round the corner more or less & still I've NEVER been to it lol......I always forget. Altho they did have this car thing on once which I really wanted go to but was too ill for....blooming typical.
Anyway shug you know where I am if you need me hunni, anytime!!

Take care my lovely friend mmwah
loves ya lots hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Teresa said...

Great pics June, lovely to see you having fun, sorry you are suffering so much though. Take care, hugs Teresa xx

Nikbee said...

Wonderful pics June. I'm so sorry that you are in so much pain.
Big hugs,
Nikki x

Janette said...

Oh June I had to look twice...well maybe thought that bloke was real till I read the exactly how you feel my love, it's does my head in all the time, people think you look all is well....add that to the fact that I think I should've been an actress...what more can I say, you battle it out sweetheart...I am...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Time-To-Share said...

Hi June, what lovely photos! Sorry to hear you've been suffering of late. It's no fun when you are in pain, thats for sure. Sounds like you had a nice time though. Luv & Hugs, Trish x

Aunty Sue said...

Oh June you just had to cope a feel didnt you. Tee Hee. You take care having suffered with ulcerative colitis for over 10 years know that these are hidden ilness we cope with each day without a big sign on our heads and am amazed how well you do. Looks a fab day out

Patty Sue 2 said...

My daughter just had surgery for the same problems and she is feeling so much better. I do wish they could get it sorted out for is VERY painful!

Vick McClean said...

Hi June sweetie,

I know exactly how you feel i have Fibro M.E and many spinal disabilities including crumbling spine and sacrum and R.A throughout my body, and i am so glad you managed to get out, cause i know how hard that really is, just dragging yourself out of bed and getting ready, lots of love to you hun, huggles, Vick xxx
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Rosietoes said...

Sending you some hugs June. I have fibro and gastric problems so I know a bit of what you are going through, especially the bit where you look ok but feel absolutely rotten.
I hope your day out helped a little, it's half the battle just getting up and moving around. I hope that the medicos can find some regime of treatment that will help you feel much better soon.
Edna x